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Oxford Robotics Institute

Range Rover with sensors in Scottish Highlands.
Jackal robot surveying with Lidar at solar farm.
ORI group photo.
Red vehicle on glacier in Iceland for trails.
ANYmal B robot surveying industrial site.
JLR Range Rover driving offroad for data collection trial.
Betty robot inside Blenheim Palace at Christmas time.
ANYmal B robot surveying rubble.
Hulk robot in front of Blenheim Palace.
ORI group photo.

We are the Oxford Robotics Institute

Welcome to the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI). We are built from collaborating and integrated groups of researchers, engineers and students all driven to change what robots can do for us. Our current interests are diverse  – from flying to grasping, from inspection to running, from haptics to driving, from exploring to planning. This spectrum of interests has us researching a broad span of technical topics – machine learning and AI, computer vision, fabrication, multispectral sensing, perception, systems engineering to name a few. So welcome to our homepage  – and if you don’t easily find what you want or have a question, please contact us.