ORI at ICRA 2019

Oxford Robotics Institute past and present at ICRA 2019 in Montreal! Back Row: Ioannis Havoutis, Matt Gadd, Roberto Aldera, Chris Prahacs, Horia Porav, Paul Newman, Ingmar Posner, Rob Weston, Adrián Peñate Sánchez, Tim Tang Front Row: Marco Camurri, Perla Maolino, Maurice Fallon, Sarah Cen, Alex Bewley, Will Maddern More to follow...  

ORI run the Oxford Town and Gown 10k

The ORI Running Group On Sunday the 11th of May, ORI's finest athletes embarked on the Oxford Town and Gown 10 Kilometre race. This motley bunch consisted of Bruno, Oiwi, Simon V and Stephen K. It was a fine May morning and it appeared that the masses would be out for the spectacle and sunshine. So as to give the crowds (and ourselves) something to enjoy, we decided we would each try and achieve a personal best time. Bruno and Stephen set their goal at below 55 minutes while I myself (ever the optimist) decided to try and get below 45 minutes. Knowing what times we wanted to achieve and a few choice words of wisdom from me, we each lined up in the relevant starting area. Before we knew it the starting gun sounded and we were off! The first part [...]

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Robot Planning Under Uncertainty

We are looking for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Robot Planning Under Uncertainty to join the GOALS group in the Oxford Robotics Institute at the University of Oxford, UK. The post is fixed-term until 31st March 2021. The successful applicant will help drive our research in probabilistic planning for single and multi-robot systems operating in challenging environments and around humans. We are looking for an individual who is enthusiastic about applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to autonomous robots for use in industrial settings, whilst also innovating the underpinning techniques for modelling and solving planning problems under uncertainty. Our work spans the AI planning, probabilistic verification, and formal methods for robotics communities, so experience in one of these domains is essential. The role will form a key part of our growing, energetic research group, with the applicant working with our students, [...]

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Visual Navigation

We are seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Research Assistant to join the Dynamic Robot Systems Group (DRS). The mission of the DRS Group is to develop novel perception, motion planning and control algorithms to enable robots to autonomously and dynamic navigate in realistic field environments. The candidate will develop robust methods for visual navigation such as visual teach-and-repeat which are suitable for challenging outdoor field environments. The goal is to achieve reliable visual navigation on a computationally constrained platform moving dynamically in challenging lighting conditions by fusing vision with other sensor signals. You will be responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of algorithms to enable field robots, in particular the ANYmal quadruped robot and our autonomous ground vehicles to visually navigate as well as coordinating in collaborative projects. Further Information: Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Maurice Fallon, [...]

ORI Student Ollie Groth explores AI’s Legal Implications at Google, Berlin

Oliver Groth, a 2nd year PhD student at ORI, was invited to give a talk in Berlin at @KIT19, an annual German conference about legal aspects of IT development. This year’s issue was hosted by Google and focused on the ramifications of self-learning and autonomous systems once they are released into the public space. Oliver presented an overview of state-of-the-art applications of deep learning like real-time object detectors, chatbots or GANs to raise awareness about the capabilities and weaknesses of current deep learning technology and allude to related societal and legal issues like dataset bias, bot accountability and authenticity of digital content.

ORI Volunteer at St Paul’s Girls’ School as Robotics Mentor

Over the past few months, one of our 2nd year DPhil students, Mark Finean, has been volunteering as a robotics mentor to a group of girls pursuing their A levels at St Paul’s Girls’ School (SPGS) in London. For a school project, they wished to learn more about robots and investigate how they could be used in schools as well as the ways that students could interact with and use them to learn. To help learn more about the current state of modern robotics and gain some hands-on-experience, they spent a day in the ORI where they were introduced to some of the research we conduct as well as tried their hands at programming the Toyota HSR. They were given a series of mini-challenges, teaching them how to programme the HSR to perform movements and tasks. This culminated in [...]