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Oxford Robotics Institute | Robots - Panda Arm

Panda robot arm on green table with cards.

Panda Arm

The Panda Arm was developed by Franka Emika, a German company founded in 2016 who specialise in making collaborative robots such as the Panda Arm.

Collaborative robots or 'cobots' are those designed to assist humans in various tasks, such as manipulation. To this end, the arm has been designed with 'force sensing', allowing it to automatically freeze, for instance if something unexpected enters the workspace.

Our Panda arm is used widely by A2I and SRL. This state-of-the-art device allows us to research manipulation tasks that were previously not possible. The hope is that this research will enable next-generation collaborative robots to intelligently aid humans in a range of environments, from car factories to care-homes.

Read more on the potential real life applications in the 2021 funded Embodied Intelligence program grant


Panda robot arm on green table with cards.