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Neural Processing Lab (PNPL)

The Neural Processing Lab (PNPL) is the newest group within the Oxford Robotics Institute, established through generous funding from the UK Research and Innovation's Medical Research Council (MRC). 

In general, we are interested in brains, computers, language, and robotics -- all core areas of natural and artificial intelligence. As such, our work spans foundational neuroscience, machine learning methods development, and systems applications such as Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). 

In particular, we are excited about the near-future potential of BCIs to restore speech to severely paralysed patients. With this in mind, the key focus of the group right now is to explore the limits deep learning to leverage large scale non-invasive data for the purpose of decoding inner speech. 

Potential doctoral candidates are encouraged to apply both to the Department of Engineering Science and to the AIMS programme. Potential collaborators are encouraged to reach out directly to the PI, Oiwi Parker Jones.