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Goal-Oriented Long-Lived Systems

The Goal-Oriented Long-Lived Systems (GOALS) Lab performs research around the problems of behaviour generation for autonomous systems. In particular we focus on long-term autonomy and task and mission planning for mobile robots which must operate for extended periods (days, weeks or months) in dynamic, uncertain environments. To create long-term autonomous behaviour we explore the application of artificial intelligence techniques to robots, particularly planning under uncertainty and machine learning, such that the longer robots act in an environment, the better they perform.

RT @oxfordrobots: Earlier this month, ORI visited the JET Torus Hall to remotely scan for radiation, our video about it is here! https://t.…

The talk is on Zoom For more information on the talk series, see hosted by @UoE_Agents and the @turinginst

The talk will cover our general approach for guaranteed multi-robot behaviour under uncertainty, and present some specific examples of multi-robot planning that are motivated by this approach.

On Thursday at 11am, @hawesie and Bruno will be presenting to the @turinginst Multi-Agent Systems Talk Series. The talk is titled Towards Guaranteed Multi-Robot Systems Under Uncertainty. See the rest of this thread for details.

RT @mo_baioumy: We show the limitations of the active inference controller (AIC) used in the literature and introduce the 'unbiased' AIC. @

RT @mo_baioumy: As humans, we are generally aware of our limitations. If your leg is injured you can detect this, and you know you shouldn'…

Today engineers from @oxfordrobots are testing our @RAIN_hub Husky at @UKAEAofficial's RACE Test facility supported by @NNUF_UK. We're testing 3D radiation scanning plus general navigation and robustness ahead of deploying it in the hall around the JET reactor in a few weeks.