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Goal-Oriented Long-Lived Systems

GOAL group pic May 2022 academic year

The Goal-Oriented Long-Lived Systems (GOALS) Lab performs research around the problems of behaviour generation for autonomous systems. In particular we focus on long-term autonomy and task and mission planning for mobile robots which must operate for extended periods (days, weeks or months) in dynamic, uncertain environments. To create long-term autonomous behaviour we explore the application of artificial intelligence techniques to robots, particularly planning under uncertainty and machine learning, such that the longer robots act in an environment, the better they perform.

RT @oxengsci: How do you retrieve data from sensors under water, like those monitoring ecosystem change? When human divers aren’t an option…

Without planning it, we were all in the same place at the same time today. Here's a picture of GOALS in 2022!

RT @charliestreet1: Pleased to present our work on context-aware modelling for multi-robot systems at @aamas2022 this week! I'll be discus…

The paper is Planning for Risk-Aversion and Expected Value in MDPs. You can read it here: Congrats to co-authors @pduckw, Bruno, and @hawesie too.

Huge congratulations to @MarcRigter for receiving the Best Paper Honorable Mention at @ICAPSConference #ICAPS2022 His paper addresses the problem of how to create plans which can minimise risk whilst also only sacrificing expected value when necessary.

This marked the end of our work as part of the @RAIN_hub and @ORCA_Hub. Thanks to everyone from @oxfordrobots and @oxengsci for their support!

We had a great time presenting our collaborative work with @dynamicrobots and @CreatecCumbria at @wethecurious_ for the closeout event for @UKRI_News #robotsforasaferworld