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SPOT has gained worldwide acclaim for its exceptional flexibility and adaptability, making it an ideal tool for our research.

At the Oxford Robotics Institute, SPOT serves as a shared resource, supporting the mapping and navigation research conducted by both the GOALS and DRS teams. This collaborative approach allows us to leverage SPOT's remarkable capabilities to advance our understanding and development of cutting-edge technologies.

Since its arrival in August 2021, SPOT has played a significant role in numerous trials conducted by the ORI. It has fearlessly ventured into the depths of the underground mines at MOD Corsham, capturing invaluable data for our exploration and mapping studies. Additionally, SPOT has gracefully maneuvered through the grand halls of Blenheim Palace, aiding in our efforts to create precise indoor navigation systems.

SPOT's versatility extends beyond research applications, as it has also made appearances at various prestigious events. In 2022, SPOT took the spotlight at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, captivating audiences with its exceptional performance and capabilities.

With its remarkable adaptability, SPOT continues to demonstrate its value as an invaluable asset in our pursuit of advancing robotics and pushing the boundaries of exploration, mapping, and navigation. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and accomplishments as SPOT continues to evolve within our research endeavors.


Automating SPOT with Computerphile