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Oxford Robotics Institute | Robots - ANYmal C

ANYmal C

Anybotics ANYmal C, is designed as a modular and flexible high-end platform providing extreme mobility. ANYmal C is powered by torque-controlled actuators with a 40% higher torque-to-weight ratio compared to its predecessor. Four depth cameras in combination with a LIDAR allow a 360° obstacle detection, large-scale localization and autonomous navigation. ANYmal C has improved stair climbing capabilities and new inspection and mission planning frameworks with a plug-in architecture for easy extensibility. 

ANYmal C is being used in trials for the upcoming DARPA Subterranean Challenge. The final challenge will be held September 21-23, 2021, each team will have to quickly navigate unfamiliar underground environments at the Louisville Mega Cavern in search of common items including backpacks, cell phones, trapped survivors, and even invisible gas. 

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