UK-RAS Legged Robotics Task Group

This Legged Robotics Task Group was formed in February 2020 to provide a central organising hub to bring together UK academics in the emerging field of dynamic walking robots. Funding is generously provided by UK-RAS – an academic leadership body for the UK Robotics.

We intend to form a collective body of academics, researchers and industrial partners in legged and mobile robotics in the UK, host public engagement events in 2020, and catalyze potential emerging industrial sectors for assisted living, warehouse logistics, construction and more.

By hosting the proposed events, we aim to underpin the UK’s potential for autonomous legged & mobile robotics and educate early career research students in the field.

Events in 2020

  • 1st UK Legged Robotics Workshop:
  • Joint UK-RAS and MEMMO Legged Robotics Summer School
    • University of Oxford, July 7th – July 10th (Tues-Fri).
    • Main organisers: Ioannis Havoutis and Maurice Fallon
    • Contact: and
    • This event will be fully subsidised for UK students. Details to follow


  • Maurice Fallon and Ioannis Havoutis (University of Oxford)
  • Dimitrios Kanoulas (University College London)
  • Chengxu Zhou (University of Leeds)
  • Zhibin Li and Michael Mistry (University of Edinburgh)

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