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Oxford Robotics Institute | Projects - The MEMMO Project

The MEMMO (Memory of Motion) Project

The MEMMO (Memory of Motion) Project is an EU H2020 funded project which brings together EU leaders in the field of motion planning and control of dynamic robots. In addition to ORI, partners will include LAAS/CNRS, IDIAP, University of Edinburgh, Max Planck Institute as well as industrial partners such as PAL Robotics, Wandercraft and Airbus.

What if we could generate complex movements for arbitrary robots with arms and legs interacting in a dynamic environment in real-time? Such a technology would certainly revolutionize the motion capabilities of robots and unlock a wide range of very concrete industrial and service applications: robots would be able to react in real-time to any change of the environment or unexpected disturbance during locomotion or manipulation tasks. However, the computation of complex movements for robots with arms and legs in multi-contact scenarios in unstructured environments is not realistically amenable to real-time with current computational capabilities and numerical algorithms.

Memmo aims to solve this problem by 1) relying on massive off-line caching of pre-computed optimal motions that are 2) recovered and adapted online to new situations with real-time tractable model predictive control and where 3) all available sensor modalities are exploited for feedback control going beyond the mere state of the robot for more robust behaviors. Memmo will develop a unified yet tractable approach to motion generation for complex robots with arms and legs.