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Createc and the Oxford Robotics Institute are collaborating to develop an autonomous industrial inspection solution at part of this Innovate UK project.

Autonomous inspection of hazardous or difficult to access facilities has become a practical application for mobile robots. However, rapid scaling of this technology is blocked by the need to embark on the scratch development of a new robotics system to meet the specific requirements for each use case; this slows adoptions and limits application to only the highest value use cases.

AutoInspect will develop an automated pipeline for robotic inspection and data management that enables flexibility about to the robotic platform, sensor suite, mission parameters and data management platform without fundamental re-engineering. We will work with our support partners Chevron and Costain to develop and test an industrial inspection capability which can be applied both in the energy and construction sectors.

Oxford Team:

  • Michal Staniaszek, Ioannis Havoutis, Nick Hawes, Maurice Fallon (team lead)

This project is funded by Innovate UK - UK Research and Innovation