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Profile photo of Yizhe Wu

Yizhe Wu

Student - A2I


Yizhe joined the Oxford Robotics Institute in 2018 as a DPhil student at Kellogg College. He is supervised by Ingmar Posner, and he is part of the Applied Artificial Intelligence lab (A2I). He graduated with an MSc (Mechatronics and Information Technology) from the Technical University of Munich.

Yizhe has a wealth of practical experience gathered at Volkswagen Data Lab in Munich and he did his Masters thesis with PD Dr. habil. Rudolph Triebel at German Aerospace Center(DLR), Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics.

Yizhe’s current research focuses on machine introspection and the extraction of ‘higher-order’ semantic information. For machine introspection, the assessment of the uncertainty is one of his interests, but he is also keen on developing specific mechanism for the machine introspection applied to the deep neural networks.  In the end, Yizhe wishes to build a robot that can think slow and fast with the ability of introspection.