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Uljad Berdica

Student - SRL

Uljad Berdica is a PhD student as part of the AIMS CDT at Oxford and 2022 Rhodes Scholar, jointly working in the Soft Robotics Lab (SRL) and the Foerster Lab for AI Reserach (FLAIR). He is working at the intersection of developing robust controllers using open-ended reinforcement learning, sim2real adaptations and emergent complexity via unsupervised environments design.

Uljad Completed a BSc in Electrical Engineering from NYU. As part of the CDT, Uljad worked with the Dynamic Robot Systems (DRS) group on place recognition for SLAM in unstructured environments. His interests and experience include hardware cyber-security, Computer Vision, and AI Safety. In his free time, Uljad enjoys long-distance running and stand-up comedy.