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Paul Duckworth

Paul Duckworth

Postdoctoral Researcher


Paul Duckworth is a post doctoral research assistant at the Oxford Robotic Institute and a Stipendiary Lecturer at Brasenose College. He is working in the GOALS group with Prof Nick Hawes combining probabilistic machine learning with goal-oriented planning for improved autonomous mobile robot behaviour.

Prior to joining the ORI he was a PDRA in the Machine Learning Research Group with Professor Mike Osborne. He received his PhD (2017) from the University of Leeds, working with Prof Anthony G. Cohn and Prof David C. Hogg, on machine learning for autonomous mobile robots as part of the STRANDS project. He was awarded an MSc in Mathematics and Computational Science from the University of Manchester (2010), and a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from Lancaster University (2008).

His current research interests lie in probabilistic machine learning and mobile robotics, and he is also interested in the impact machine learning technologies have on society and the future of human work, and understanding algorithmic (and creative) intelligence. 


In a previous life he was a statistical programmer for a pharma CRO, and also a banking analyst.

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