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Dr Oiwi Parker Jones Postdoctoral Researcher

Oiwi Parker Jones

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr Oiwi Parker Jones is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab (A2I) and a Hugh Price Research Fellow at Jesus College. Prior to joining the Oxford Robotics Institute, Oiwi was a DPhil in NLP (Oxford) and a Postdoc in Imaging Neuroscience (UCL and Oxford). At A2I, his research is focused on data-efficient Deep Learning and embodied Artificial Intelligence. One aim of this research is to draw inspiration from what we know about natural intelligence in biological brains to pioneer new methods in machine learning, particularly for use in agents that interact with the world. The desire for data-efficient Deep Learning (i.e. “small data, big computing”) is common to many applications in Clinical Neuroscience, Speech and Language Processing, and Engineering. Oiwi’s long-term goal is to develop Neural Speech Prosthetics for paralysed patients. 

In his free time, Oiwi publishes on Polynesian languages.