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Nick Hawes

Principal Investigator


Nick’s research interests lie in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to create intelligent, autonomous robots that can work with or for humans. He has worked on long-term autonomy for mobile robots; mixed initiative or shared autonomy between humans and robots; information-processing architectures for intelligent systems; the integration of AI planning techniques into a variety of robot systems; and the use of qualitative semantic and spatial representations to enable robots to reason about the possibilities for action in their worlds.

From 2013 to 2017 Nick was the coordinator of the STRANDS project (Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios), a 4-year EU FP7 Integrating Project. Please see the project’s website, the STRANDS overview paper, or the “Success Stories of FP7” presentation at the European Robotics Forum 2017.

Nick has given invited talks to many conferences, workshops, summer schools. Follow the links to watch Nick’s talk on learning and semantic representations to the 2016 WASP graduate school, and a tutorial on probabilistic planning for mobile robots at the 4th Lucia School on AI and Robotics.