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Michael Painter

Michael Painter

Student - GOALS


Michael joined ORI as a DPhil student in 2018, as a member of Pembroke College and he is supervised by Nick Hawes as part of the GOALS lab. He completed a BA at Cambridge and an MS at Stanford both in Computer Science. Michael has worked on a range of machine learning projects, including function preserving (neural) network transforms, Sequential Variational Auto-Encoders and Human 3D pose estimation in the wild.

Michael’s research interests lie in the fields of Reinforcement Learning and Machine Vision. In particular, he will be working on long-term multi-objective planning and autonomy for mobile robots, probabilistic verification, and learning by demonstration.

In the past, Michael has been a competitive track and field athlete and was a medalist at the Commonwealth Youth Games. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and travelling, as well as cocktail mixing and trying to pick up random skills.