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Matt Budd

Student - GOALS

Matt joined ORI in 2020 as a member of Pembroke College. As a DPhil student in the GOALS Lab he is supervised by Prof. Nick Hawes. His research interests cover model based sequential decision making, focusing particularly on meta-reasoning and Bayesian RL.

Matt completed his MEng in Engineering Science in 2020, also at Oxford. Having worked for a year as an embedded software engineer before university, he is comfortable anywhere along the line from high-level planners to assembly routines. Throughout his time at Oxford he has led the ORI's RoboCup Manipulation sub-team, led a team of undergraduate robot designers, and presented beam instrumentation design research at CERN in Geneva.

Outside of the DPhil, Matt enjoys indoor (reading, rock climbing/bouldering) and outdoor (swimming, hiking) pursuits as well as building arguably useful gadgets.