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Jack Collins

Postdoctoral Researcher - A2I

Jack joined the Oxford Robotics Institute as a postdoctoral research assistant in December 2021. He is a member of the A2I Group with the focus of his research being robot learning and collaboration.

Before joining the Oxford Robotics Institute Jack was a PhD candidate working jointly between the Queensland University of Technology Centre for Robotics and the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group within the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Brisbane, Australia. The focus of his thesis was the reality gap and how to efficiently cross the gap for robotics research conducted in simulation. Prior to this, Jack completed his Bachelor of Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology where he majored in both Mechatronics and Robotics. The subject for his undergraduate thesis was Evolutionary Robotics and more specifically the evolution of environment specific robot morphology.

You can find more details of Jack's research on his website.

Recent Publications