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Efimia Panagiotaki

Student - CRG

Efimia joined ORI as a DPhil Student in 2021 at Pembroke College. As a member of the Cognitive Robotics Group (CRG) she is supervised by Dr. Lars Kunze. Her research interests are related to the identification and assessment of the environmental risks affecting the performance of the perception system in self-driving vehicles. With her research she is aiming to contribute towards increasing the overall confidence in the autonomous system and make a step towards arguing safe behavior in self-driving vehicles operation.

Efimia completed her MEng (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece in 2017. She conducted her master thesis at the Computer Vision Lab (CVL) at ETH Zurich as a member of AMZ Driverless team, working on the computer vision system of the team’s driverless racing car. 

After finishing her studies, she briefly worked at Williams Formula 1 team as data processing engineer and in 2018 she went back to working on self-driving vehicles. Since then, she has been working as a software engineer for autonomous vehicles and has led the software development for various successful CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) projects in the UK. Most recently she was working as the lead self-driving software engineer for a 5G CAL (Connected and Autonomous Logistics) project, for the development of a 5G-connected autonomous truck.