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Bruno Lacerda

Bruno Lacerda

Senior Researcher


Bruno is a Senior Researcher in Robotics at the Oxford Robotics Institute. His research interests are in investigating how formal methods can be used in robotics, in particular, how temporal logic can be used to specify and synthesise high-level controllers for robot systems, with formal performance guarantees. His research interests include:

  • Sequential Decision Making
  • Probabilistic Model Checking
  • Multi-Robot Coordination
  • Service Robotics
  • Temporal Logics
  • Petri Nets
  • Supervisory Control

Bruno’s academic degrees were awarded by Instituto Superior Técnico. He has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Computation (2007), an MSc in Mathematics and Applications (2007), and a PhD in Electrical and Computing Engineering (2013).

From April 2013 to September 2017, he was a Research Fellow in Intelligent Robotics at the Intelligent Robotics Lab of the University of Birmingham. He mainly worked within the STRANDS (Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios) project where he developed control approaches that both handle the inherent uncertainties of human populated environments, and take advantage of the spatio-temporal data obtained from the long term deployment of robot systems to improve their performance.

Visit Bruno’s personal page or Google Scholar profile.