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Bechir Tabia headshot.

Bechir Tabia

Student - GOALS & DRS


Having a career of seven years in the industry as control system software engineer, Bechir joined Oxford Robotics Institute in 2020 as a DPhil student, under the supervision of Prof. Perla Maiolino in the Soft Robotics Lab. He is a member of Wadham College. He obtained his MSc degree in Electrical and Control System Engineering at Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard. 

He started in the field of robotics with the project IBubble, an underwater autonomous remote camera for divers, he was in charge of the control system design for the first prototype. Thereafter, he joined Oxford Technologies, where he was in charge of control system design for robotic nuclear decommissioning projects. 

In parallel with his DPhil, Bechir is currently working as a control system engineer at UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) in the RACE department (Remote Application for Challenging Environment). He is the lead control system software engineer for the Mascot 6 project, a remote handling system that permits maintenance of nuclear fusion reactors.

His current research interests include soft-robotics and biomimetics for robotics. He is keen to develop robots able to explore challenging environments and able to perform detexterous manipulations.