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Anna Gautier

Anna Gautier

Student - GOALS


Anna joined the ORI as a DPhil Student in 2019 at Wolfson College. She was jointly supervised by Nick Hawes as part of the GOALS lab and Mike Wooldridge in Computer Science. She was also a member of the Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems CDT.

Anna completed a BSc in Computer Science and a BA in Pure Mathematics at Washington University in Saint Louis in 2017. Her undergraduate thesis examined the validity of von Neumann inequality under specific conditions. In 2018, she completed an MSc in Applicable Mathematics at The London School of Economics. Her master’s thesis examined posted price mechanisms as an approximate solution to the prophet inequality.

Her research interests included multi-agent systems, particularly in the field of mechanism design and algorithmic game theory applied to robotics. She also looked at non-cooperative multi-robot planning problems.