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ORI is recruiting

We are looking for an Associate Professor in Information Engineering (Robotics).  Applications to be received by 12pm on Monday 20th of March 2017. This appointment will add further strength to the Department’s internationally-renowned research robotics, which has been located in the Mobile Robotics Group for the past decade. This post is part of the expansion [...]

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Dense Reconstruction Dataset

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MSWTKBMNeE   In practice, we found dense reconstructions are the most complete and highest quality (with our mobile robotics platform) when fusing data from multiple Velodyne, SICK LMS- 151, and stereo cameras using our own datasets. We are releasing such a dataset to provide a realistic mobile-robotics platform with a variety of sensors—a [...]

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UK Robotics Week 2017 officially launches today

UK Robotics Week 2017 officially launches today, with a range of robotics activities and challenges open to schools, academic institutions and industry sectors. These activities culminate in a national week of celebration being held 24th – 30th June 2017.

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ORI wins best student paper award at IROS

Congratulations to Markus Wulfmeier, Dominic Wang and Ingmar Posner on winning the best student paper award for their work on Deep IRL: Watch This: Scalable Cost-Function Learning for Path Planning in Urban Environments - an approach to learning cost maps for driving in complex urban environments.  The authors used an ambitious dataset collected over the course of a year [...]

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Self-driving vehicles tested in public

Self-driving vehicles equipped with Oxford-developed autonomy software have been tested successfully in public for the first time in the UK.  The demonstration in Milton Keynes was coordinated by the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) and marked the conclusion of the LUTZ Pathfinder project, which has been running for the past 18 months.

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Our Q14 Rover goes to Space (nearly)

ORI is collaborating with thirteen other institutions under the auspices of The UK Space Agency and in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency in a major Mars Exploration Analogue mission taking place over several weeks in the Utah desert this autumn. The mission will be coordinated from Harwell and will comprise exploration and planetary science [...]

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