Using Text-Spotting to Query the World

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Abstract—The world we live in is labeled extensively for the benefit of humans. Yet, to date, robots have made little use of human readable text as a resource. In this paper we aim to draw attention to text as a readily available source of semantic information in robotics by implementing a system which allows robots to read visible text in natural scene images and to use this knowledge to interpret the content of a given scene. The reliable detection and parsing of text in natural scene images is an active area of research and remains a non-trivial problem. We extend a commonly adopted approach based on boosting for the detection and optical character recognition (OCR) for the parsing of text by a probabilistic error correction scheme incorporating a sensor-model for our pipeline. In order to interpret the scene content we introduce a generative model which explains spotted text in terms of arbitrary search terms. This allows the robot to estimate the relevance of a given scene with respect to arbitrary queries such as, for example, whether it is looking at a bank or a restaurant. We present results from images recorded by a robot in a busy cityscape.

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