We are seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Research Assistant to join the Dynamic Robot Systems Group (DRS).

The mission of the DRS Group is to develop novel perception, motion planning and control algorithms to enable robots to autonomously and dynamic navigate in realistic field environments.

The candidate will develop robust methods for visual navigation such as visual teach-and-repeat which are suitable for challenging outdoor field environments. The goal is to achieve reliable visual navigation on a computationally constrained platform moving dynamically in challenging lighting conditions by fusing vision with other sensor signals.

You will be responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of algorithms to enable field robots, in particular the ANYmal quadruped robot and our autonomous ground vehicles to visually navigate as well as coordinating in collaborative projects.

ANYmal is equipped with a variety of cameras, inertial and LIDAR sensors

Ongoing research in Visual Inertial and Legged Navigation (VILENS) on the ANYmal in a recent field trial