ORI student Oliver Groth at TEDx Dresden.

Oliver Groth, one of our 2nd year PhD students, gave a TEDx talk in Dresden, Germany on 26th August 2018.

In his talk he explained why robots need to make their own experiences and how the embodiment of algorithms can potentially unlock new qualities of artificial intelligence, such as physical intuition or sophisticated object manipulation.

He illustrated his ideas with examples from ShapeStacks, a research project he is running at the ORI in which he tries to train robotic arms to play stacking games like Jenga.

After the talk, Oliver was also featured on the second stage of the event, together with cognitive psychologist and innovation researcher Christoph Burkhardt.

The discussion centred around the implications of the AI revolution and how trust between humans and machines can be established in the technological society of the 21st century.

The full video of the talk and more coverage of the event will soon be online on YouTube on the channel of TEDx Dresden. Keep an eye out, don’t miss it!