The ORI Running Group

On Sunday the 11th of May, ORI’s finest athletes embarked on the Oxford Town and Gown 10 Kilometre race. This motley bunch consisted of Bruno, Oiwi, Simon V and Stephen K.

It was a fine May morning and it appeared that the masses would be out for the spectacle and sunshine. So as to give the crowds (and ourselves) something to enjoy, we decided we would each try and achieve a personal best time. Bruno and Stephen set their goal at below 55 minutes while I myself (ever the optimist) decided to try and get below 45 minutes. Knowing what times we wanted to achieve and a few choice words of wisdom from me, we each lined up in the relevant starting area. Before we knew it the starting gun sounded and we were off!
The first part of the run was a little surreal as the route took us on streets where there was no room for spectators so all you could hear was the 5000 or so runners feet hitting the cobbles. Once out of those small streets the crowds were waiting and cheering. Along the route a number of sections  ran alongside other sections allowing for team encouragement. (Basically me looking for Stephen and Bruno and shouting at them.) This continued all the way to the finish line. I like to think it helped…
My game plan to stick to the 45 minute pacer no matter what. This in hindsight was a great idea to begin with, but terrible later on as running with a stitch is a real pain in the side. It couldn’t have come soon enough but thankfully the finish line appeared and, as with all races, who doesn’t love a sprint finish? So, with a 150m to go I threw cautioned to the wind and sprinted, crossing the line in a time of 43.30. Next to cross the line was Oiwi with 50:57, then Stephen with 51:55 and finally Bruno with a time of 53:36. An outstanding set of times from everyone if I may say so!