Tom Wilcox, Software Engineer @ MRG



Tom joined the group in 2014 as a software engineer.

He completed his Masters of Engineering in Computer Science at the University of Bristol in 2008.

He has experience working in several software engineering roles across a variety of areas including industrial research, big data analysis, computer games and web & GIS app development.


Tom currently contributes towards the development of software to support the research products and help bring different areas of the MRG work into solutions for real-world applications.

Tom is currently involved in several flagship projects including:

Digital Rail
  • Supporting the collection of data in the field by assisting with NABU system installation and deployment 
  • Developing new laser driver software 
  • Developing software to support the data processing pipeline
  • Supporting the research by developing new MATLAB scripts and software to process and analyse trial data

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NABU 3D Surveys
  • Developing web control software for NABU platform
  • Performing indoor and outdoor  surveys  using NABU units mounted to various vehicles and platforms
  • Processing and analysing sensor data to present reports on survey results
  • Designing new software to progress the platform further towards new applications

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