Ioannis is a Departmental Lecturer at the Oxford Robotics Institute. His research combines dynamic whole-body motion planning and control with machine learning, focusing on robots with arms and legs.

He received his PhD (2011) and MSc with distinction (2007) from the University of Edinburgh, where he worked on machine learning for motion planning and control of articulated robots.

After his studies, he joined the Dynamic Legged Systems Lab at the Advanced Robotics Department of the Italian Institute of Technology, where he worked on a hydraulically-actuated, fully torque-controlled quadruped robot. There he led the Locomotion Group within the HyQ team, while his work focused on dynamic motion planning and control for legged locomotion.

He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Robot Learning & Interaction Group of the Indiap Research Institute, where he worked on learning complex skills from demonstration. His work there mainly focused on skill representation, online Bayesian nonparametric learning, Riemannian manifold methods and optimal control for motion generation.

Ioannis’ list of publications can be found here.