Compiling uALogParser in Windows

(Microsoft Visual Studio)

  1. Open up Visual Basic and select “New Win32 Console Application”.
  2. Select a blank project from the wizard and click on Next.
  3. Ensure that Use Precompiled Headers is turned off (Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Precompiled Headers->Not Using Precompiled Headers)
  4. Add the existing uALogParser.cpp code into the project
  5. Click on Build Project to produce the uALogParser executable.
  6. Note: Make sure the project is built in Release Mode.

Provided below are screenshots of the process if any of the instructions are unclear.

Compilation Steps, Visual Basic 2005


(Command Line)

  1. To compile uALogParser from the command line, simply issue:
C:\>cl.exe uALogParser.cpp
which will produce uALogParser.exe in the current directory.

If you receive an error remarking on the absence of a requisite .dll, it is possible that the Environment Variables for your system are set incorrectly. Simply run the vcvars32.bat script located in the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC\Bin directory to correctly configure your system.