Stereo Image Rectification

The stereo image sequences provided on the downloads page are the image files as captured by the camera, hence they contain lens distortion and are unrectified. This makes them unsuitable for direct use in, for example, local window-based stereo matching.

We provide two rectification solutions. Firstly we provide cross-platform, standalone C++ code, which will perform the rectification and undistortion. Secondly, we provide the Bumblebee calibration file, for use with the PTGrey Triclops/Digiclops software (note that this is non-free software).

Cross-platform code for undistortion and rectification

Source code, compilation and usage instructions can be found here: RectifyStereoImageSequence

PTGrey Bumblebee calibration file

For use with the PTGrey Triclops/Digiclops software libraries: