Code for undistorting and rectifying stereo image sequences

Cross-platform, dependency-free C++ code is provided which will perform undistortion and rectification of the stereo image sequences provided on the downloads page. Image rectification is performed using a bilinear interpolation between values generated using the PTGrey Triclops SDK to talk to the Bumblebee2 stereo camera.

To use this code you must download 3 different files:

Compilation instructions

Linux/MacOSX (command line):

g++ RectifyStereoImageSequence.cpp -o RectifyStereoImageSequence

Windows (Visual Studio)

  • Create a new Win32 Console project
  • Add this file as the only project file
  • Build project as usual

Usage instructions

RectifyStereoImageSequence /path/to/StereoImageSequence/ /path/to/BilinearLookupTable

for example:

/usr/local/bin/RectifyStereoImageSequence /data/StereoImages/ /data/Bumblebee-8090375-BiLUT-512x384.lut


All the stereo images in /path/to/StereoImageSequence/ will be undistorted and rectified, and saved with the prefix rectified_.

For example the undistorted and rectified version of /path/to/StereoImageSequence/StereoImage__1221661581.474238-left.pnm will be saved as /path/to/StereoImageSequence/rectified_StereoImage__1221661581.474238-left.pnm