We have tagged salient events in the data set. Browsing these listing may help you extract a relevant window of data for your needs. We present these events in lists according to the way in which times are given and grouped by the kind of event which has been tagged.

Time Ordered Ordered by Event Type
Time ordered table with relative timestamps Event ordered table with relative timestamps
Time ordered table with absolute timestamps Event ordered table with absolute timestamps

Epoch A: Campus

Three circumnavigations of the main quad followed by two more that also incorporated passing through a dark tunnel to the mid-section of the data set. The epoch ends with prolonged period near park gates.

Epoch B: Parkland

Two circumnavigations of New College gardens. To the North-West, the path is predominantly flat with one large puddle. The South-Eastern section of the path is partially covered with undergrowth, has dark imagery and dips roughly 1m lower that the rest of the dataset.

Epoch C: Campus and Parkland

One circumnavigation of both the Campus and Parkland environments near to park gates at the beginning and end of the epoch. Evening was falling and so the imagery is darker than earlier passes.