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UK-RAS Network Robotics Summer Showcase - 11 June 2020

Perceiving, Planning, Moving: how robots understand the world

UK-RAS Network Robotics Summer Showcase logo.
Webinar and demonstration with interactive Q&A, organised by Oxford Robotics Institute and the UK-RAS Network


About this event - 11 June 2020

Oxford Robotics Institute have been on the cutting edge of robotics research (formerly as the Mobile Robotics Group) since 2004. Our work covers a broad spectrum of robotics research, from self driving cars and legged robots to manipulation and industrial automation.

Four of our academics will talk briefly on some of their research highlights, before a demo and a Q&A on what the future of robotics looks like.

Autonomous Service Robots - Nick Hawes

Soft Robotics, and 3D printing Artificial Skin - Perla Maiolino

Self-Driving Cars and Explainable Autonomy - Lars Kunze

Walking Robots - Ioannis Havoutis


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You can find out more about the Robotics Summer Showcase by visiting the UK-RAS website: or following @UKRobotics on Twitter .