We are really looking forward to delivery of the  first LUTZ Pod. After initial delivery to us in late 2015, it went back to RDM in Jan 2016 for some design, software and manufacturing fixes.  Delivery of a working base vehicle  will be a great milestone in this project, which is a collaboration between MRG, RDM, who make the base hardware, and the Transport Catapult.

When the vehicle is delivered  we will be installing an autonomy system in it.  This involves  installing a whole suite of sensors around the vehicle – we use cameras, lasers and radars. Just as in the RobotCar project, these are connected to a set of processing modules within the vehicle that run the autonomy software. This combination of sensors and software allows the vehicle to learn the structure (map) of its environment and then when operating navigate, plan and operate within it to carry passengers. It does this while watching out for and coping with hazards like cars, people, bikes and kerbs.   Watch this space for information on the LUTZ pods.