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The original group in what is now the ORI, the Mobile Robotics Group is about building robots and systems which answer “where am I and what surrounds me?” On real vehicles in real-hard places.

It has a proud systems heritage, taking on ambitious field deployments which shine a light on what doesn’t work and has to be fixed by smart application of machine learning, AI and robotics expertise.

Latest News

The Right (Angled) Perspective: Improving the Understanding of Road Scenes Using Boosted Inverse Perspective Mapping

Accurate scene understanding is paramount to the deployment of autonomous vehicles in real-world traffic. They need to perceive and fully understand their environment to accomplish their navigation tasks in a natural [...]

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MRG at CVPR 2019

Members of the MRG are attending the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2019 in Long Beach, California from Sun, 16 Jun 2019 – Thu, 20 Jun 2019. At Sunday's workshop "Vision for All Seasons: Bad Weather [...]

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Radar-only ego-motion estimation in difficult settings via graph matching

Radar-only ego-motion estimation in difficult settings via graph matching Abstract - Radar detects stable, long-range objects under variable weather and lighting conditions, making it a reliable and versatile sensor well suited for ego-motion estimation. In this work, we propose [...]

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