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People @ MRG

Principal Investigator

Paul Newman is the BP Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford.
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Paul Newman

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Letizia joined ORI (MRG) in April 2014 and works with Professor Paul Newman.
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Letizia Marchegiani
Matt originally joined ORI (MRG) in 2013 and works with Paul Newman.
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Matt Gadd
Lars joined ORI in March 2017 and works with Professor Paul Newman.
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Lars Kunze
Daniele joined ORI in May 2018 and works with Professor Paul Newman.
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Daniele De Martini


Paul joined the Mobile Robotics Group in 2014 as a DPhil student in Linacre College, on the Rhodes Scholarship.
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Paul Amayo
Simon is a DPhil student, joined 2015.
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Simon Chadwick
DPhil Student. Joined 2015.
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Ștefan Săftescu
Tarlan is DPhil student, joined ORI in 2016.
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Tarlan Suleymanov
Tom focuses on semantic scene understanding for autonomous vehicles in urban environments.
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Tom Bruls
Horia joined ORI in 2016 as DPhil Student.
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Horia Porav
Roberto is a DPhil student. Joined 2017.
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Roberto Aldera

Undergraduate Students

  • Mate Kovacs
  • Oliver Shorthose
  • Michael Lin
  • David Williams