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Research @ DRS

The research we do spans legged locomotion, perception, navigation and manipulation. Here’s a closer look at some of the work going on in the group.

We heavily use ROS in our research. Check out our GitHub account and our open source projects.

28Oct, 2019


VILENS - Visual-Inertial Odometry for Legged Robots VILENS (Visual Inertial Legged Navigation System) is a factor-graph based odometry algorithm for legged robots that fuses leg odometry, vision, and IMU data. This algorithm was designed by David [...]

17Sep, 2019

DARPA SubT Challenge

DARPA SubT Challenge Marco Camurri describes his recent trip to the DARPA SubT Challenge On Aug 15th to 22nd, 11 teams from all around the world gathered in Pittsburgh for the Tunnel Circuit [...]

26Feb, 2019

Efficient Segment Matching

Learning to See the Wood for the Trees: Deep Laser Localization in Urban and Natural Environments on a CPU Georgi Tinchev, Adrian Penate-Sanchez, Maurice Fallon IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters/IEEE International Conference on Robotics and [...]