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We are not condemned to a future of congestion, accidents and time wasting. We will eventually have cars that can drive themselves, interacting safely with other road users and using roads efficiently, thus freeing up our precious time. But to do this the machines need life-long infrastructure-free navigation, and that,
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Off Road

We look forward to rolling out our autonomy expertise to off-road applications on our Clearpath Grizzly robot. The Grizzly is a large robotic utility vehicle weighing 910kg with a top speed of 5mph. It is equipped with a collection of laser and camera sensors, and is intended for autonomous off-road operation.
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Surveying is an important part of our work. Many of our algorithms rely on detailed and accurate surveys of the environment to function. The main survey tools we have at our disposal are the NABU and Wildcat platform. NABU The NABU is the embodiment of everything MRG in a small,
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Light Transport

The LUTZ project will see Pods deployed in the streets of Milton Keynes in 2016 running the complete autonomy system we refer to as "Selenium."
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The inspection thread seeks to augment human ability in detailed inspection. The snake arm allows sensors to be deployed in hard to reach places  - almost like key hole surgery. it carries cameras and laser to able us to recreate reconstructions of the shape of awkward and potentially dangerous places,
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Our Space Robot is a Q14 robot from Advanced Robotics Concepts. With active 4 wheel steering and drive, a passive dynamic suspension system and a range of sensors, the Q14 is well equipped to handle a range of environments and provides us with a great platform to test our algorithms. The
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