FABMAP is an approach to topological appearance based SLAM. You may find it helpful in addressing the loop closing problem as understood by the SLAM community. For more information please see the citation below.

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  • [PDF] [DOI] M. Cummins and P. Newman, “FAB-MAP: Probabilistic Localization and Mapping in the Space of Appearance,” The International Journal of Robotics Research, vol. 27, iss. 6, pp. 647-665, 2008.
    author = {Mark Cummins and Paul Newman},
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    volume = {27},
    number = {6},
    pages = {647-665},
    abstract = {This paper describes a probabilistic approach to the problem of recognizing
    places based on their appearance. The system we present is not limited
    to localization, but can determine that a new observation comes from
    a previously unseen place, and so augment its map. Effectively this
    is a SLAM system in the space of appearance. Our probabilistic approach
    allows us to explicitly account for perceptual aliasing in the environment--identical
    but indistinctive observations receive a low probability of having
    come from the same place. We achieve this by learning a generative
    model of place appearance. By partitioning the learning problem into
    two parts, new place models can be learned online from only a single
    observation of a place. The algorithm complexity is linear in the
    number of places in the map, and is particularly suitable for online
    loop closure detection in mobile robotics.},
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