We have published a number of datasets. Under each heading you will find the associated paper, as well as links to their websites where relevant. We also make some data from other publications available as is. New College Vision and Laser Dataset [bibtex key=SmithEtAl:IJRR09] FABMAP Multimedia Extension Dataset FABMAP 10k and 100k word vocabularies can [...]



FABMAP is an approach to topological appearance based SLAM. You may find it helpful in addressing the loop closing problem as understood by the SLAM community. For more information please see the citation below. Request FABMAP Download. Request FABMAP 10k and/or 100k word vocabularies. Download Supporting FABMAP Datasets [bibtex key=CumminsIJRR08]



Simple, open-source, cross-platform software for mobile robotics research. We use MOOS on all of our robots and applications including the robot car. It allows us to develop and test our autonomy system in a modular way on multiple machines across multiple operating systems. MOOS is free, open source, cross platform software written and used by [...]



TICSync is an extremely efficient algorithm for learning the mapping between distributed clocks, which typically achieves better than millisecond accuracy within just a few seconds. Crucially it also provides a probabilistic bound on its accuracy, allowing for rapid detection of clock upsets. Modern robotic systems are composed of many distributed processes sharing a common communications [...]