Global LIDAR Localization

Global LIDAR Localization Localization using LIDAR has advantages over visual localization. In particular LIDAR has a great degree of viewpoint and lighting invariance. It is however less informative. We have developed machine learning algorithms to more reliably detect places using segments as a basic unit within point cloud. Efficient Segmentation and Mapping (ESM, RA-L 2019) [...]

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Mission Planning for Mobile Robots with Probabilistic Guarantees

Consider an office robot that must execute a range of tasks such as guiding visitors to offices; checking whether fire exits are clear; carrying and delivering items as requested by office users; and making announcements (“staff meeting in 10 minutes!”). A crucial requirement for such a robot [...]

Mission Planning for Mobile Robots with Probabilistic Guarantees2019-06-20T22:02:35+01:00