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DPhil students study Dynamic Robot Locomotion

16 first year DPhil students from the AIMS CDT spent a week at ORI studying Dynamic Locomotion led by students from the Dynamic Robot Systems Group (DRS). The hands on course was focused around the ANYmal robot (from ANYbotics) and its simulator. After a series of introductory lectures to ROS and research topics such as [...]

DPhil students study Dynamic Robot Locomotion2019-02-18T12:08:18+00:00

Betty at Blenheim Palace

Betty is a mobile service robot from the Oxford Robotics Institute. She has been extensively used the GOALS group to demonstrate long-term autonomous behaviour in real-world dynamic environments. Her software was originally developed by a European consortium as part of the STRANDS Project. In that project Betty and [...]

Betty at Blenheim Palace2019-02-12T15:30:45+00:00

ORI visits Zurich – European Project ‘THING’

Benoit Casseau, Marco Camurri and David Wisth visited Zurich for a meeting of the European project THING (subTerranean Haptic INvestiGator). In a nutshell this project aims to develop new feet for the ANYmal robot to enhance mobility and to perceive the terrain properties. In comparison to the current feet, the new ones have [...]

ORI visits Zurich – European Project ‘THING’2018-12-13T09:57:37+00:00

ORCA Demo – October 2018

Oxford Robotics Institute is part of two Research Hubs which focus on robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) that can be deployed in extreme environments. The hubs, both funded by UK Research and Innovation as part of the UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, are ORCA, targeting applications for the offshore oil and gas industry, and [...]

ORCA Demo – October 20182018-11-22T08:59:16+00:00

Team ORIon competes at the World Robot Summit in Japan!

A couple of weeks ago, the ORI’s robotics competition team (Team ORIon) took part in their first competition, the World Robot Summit (WRS) in Tokyo, Japan. The recently assembled team got straight to work, using their long flight to manually label bounding boxes on a large image set in order to get their object [...]

Team ORIon competes at the World Robot Summit in Japan!2018-11-12T11:30:48+00:00


Prof. Paul Newman, PDRA's Lars Kunze and Letizia Marchegiani and students Tarlan Suleymanov, Horia Porav and Tom Bruls from ORI have travelled to Hawaii for ITSC 2018. Please see below their exciting papers they presented!  P. Amayo, T. Bruls, and P. Newman, “Semantic Classification of Road Markings from Geometric Primitives,” in IEEE International Conference on [...]

ORI ITSC Papers2018-11-08T09:39:16+00:00

ITT Marconi Rovereto – Student visit to ORI

ITT Marconi Rovereto – Student visit to ORI On Wednesday 17th of October, we, ORI hosted a short visit by a group of Italian students on an Erasmus programme. Their area of study is computer science, mechatronics and automation, cloud computing and virtualisation at the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Marconi in Rovereto (Italy) [...]

ITT Marconi Rovereto – Student visit to ORI2018-10-31T12:41:11+00:00

ORI members will be attending ITSC 2018 in Hawaii

    This November, researchers at the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) are sharing their work at a conference dedicated to improving mobile autonomy. ORI have seven members attending the 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), two of them are leading a special session titled “Beyond Traditional Sensing for Intelligent Transportation”. This session [...]

ORI members will be attending ITSC 2018 in Hawaii2018-08-23T10:01:41+00:00

Look just what walked in: ANYmal delivered to ORI

Recently we welcomed a new robot to the ORI mobile robot menagerie: ANYmal. Built by ANYbotics AG, ANYmal is a 35kg torque-controlled quadruped specifically designed to be rugged and to be used in the field for industrial inspections as well as the basic science of motion planning, control and navigation. Researchers and students from [...]

Look just what walked in: ANYmal delivered to ORI2018-07-25T09:21:10+00:00