Paul Duckworth

Paul joined ORI in October 2019 and works with Nick Hawes

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Betty at Blenheim Palace

Betty is a mobile service robot from the Oxford Robotics Institute. She has been extensively used the GOALS group to demonstrate long-term autonomous behaviour in real-world dynamic environments. Her software was originally developed by a European consortium as part of the STRANDS Project. In that project Betty and [...]

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Mission Planning for Mobile Robots with Probabilistic Guarantees

Consider an office robot that must execute a range of tasks such as guiding visitors to offices; checking whether fire exits are clear; carrying and delivering items as requested by office users; and making announcements (“staff meeting in 10 minutes!”). A crucial requirement for such a robot [...]

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Nick Hawes

Nick is an Associate Professor in Engineering Science (Robotics) and a Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science at Pembroke College.

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