In the past we have had great success with driverless cars - self-driving vehicles equipped with ORI-developed autonomy software were tested successfully in public for the first time in the UK. In this project, however, we wanted to push forward autonomy to unlock its potential and test full L5 autonomy not just for driverless [...]


A Weather-proof Vehicle for Long-term Autonomy in Outdoor Environments

Our new all-weather platform pictured outside Blenheim Palace. For more information please take a look at the paper as well as the presentation. This blog post provides an overview of our paper which was recently presented by Stephen Kyberd at the 12th Conference on Field and Service Robotics, Tokyo, Japan – “The Hulk: [...]

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The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset

The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset: A Radar Extension to the Oxford RobotCar Dataset Abstract - In this paper we present The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset, a new dataset for researching scene understanding using Millimetre-Wave FMCW scanning radar data. The target application is autonomous vehicles where this modality remains unencumbered by environmental conditions such as fog, [...]

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The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset

We are pleased to announce the release of the Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset, a radar extension to the Oxford RobotCar Dataset. This dataset provides Millimetre-Wave radar data, dual velodyne lidars, and optimised ground truth odometry for 280 km of driving around Oxford, UK (in addition to all sensors in the original Oxford RobotCar Dataset). We [...]

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Mapping the city

We used a NABU sensor attached to a street sweeper to map the streets of Oxford, in an innovative data gathering project which will help the City Council to plan and manage its services.  Read the Council's Press Release here:   PRESS RELEASE 11 March 2017 Innovative new city mapping could transform council services A [...]

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Self-driving vehicles tested in public

Self-driving vehicles equipped with Oxford-developed autonomy software have been tested successfully in public for the first time in the UK.  The demonstration in Milton Keynes was coordinated by the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) and marked the conclusion of the LUTZ Pathfinder project, which has been running for the past 18 months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doLUXzQ1OeA

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Our Q14 Rover goes to Space (nearly)

ORI is collaborating with thirteen other institutions under the auspices of The UK Space Agency and in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency in a major Mars Exploration Analogue mission taking place over several weeks in the Utah desert this autumn. The mission will be coordinated from Harwell and will comprise exploration and planetary science [...]

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