Abstract –¬†Today, mobile robots are increasingly expected to operate in ever more complex and dynamic environments. In order to carry out many of the higher- level tasks envisioned a semantic understanding of a workspace is pivotal. Here our field has benefited significantly from successes in machine learning and vision: applications in robotics of off-the-shelf object detectors are plentiful. This paper outlines an online, any-time planning framework enabling the active exploration of such detections. Our approach exploits the ability to move to different van-tage points and implicitly weighs the benefits of gaining more certainty about the existence of an object against the physical cost of the exploration required. The result is a robot which plans trajectories specifically to decrease the entropy of putative detections. Our system is demonstrated to significantly improve detection performance and trajectory length in simulated and real robot experiments.

  • [PDF] J. Velez, G. Hemann, A. S. Huang, I. Posner, and N. Roy, “Active Exploration for Robust Object Detection,” in International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Barcelona, Spain, 2011.
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