Congratulations to Neil and Julie (ORI) and their colleague Tom Rawlinson (medical doctor, Jenner Institute) who won Pembroke College’s Innovation Prize for their project on rehabilitation for post-neurological injury.

Rehabilitation, and particularly physiotherapy, holds a central role in the recovery of function after a neurological injury such as a stroke.  Physiotherapy tends to start at the clinic and continue at home, but it can be difficult for patients to find the motivation to do this as progress is slow and difficult to assess.

The team propose to use machine learning and signal processing to develop a system which would enable the patient to detect early signs of muscle innervation and give goals and feedback to optimise progress.  They are interested in investigating the use of surface electromyography signals as a proxy for neurological recovery.

The Pembroke Graduate Innovation Prize in association with Estée Lauder Companies champions innovation and creativity.  The team will use the prize to aid in setting up clinical trials including the collection and processing of data, and in developing a personalised user interface (app/tablet/computer) for use at home.