Watch out for Long-term Autonomous Robot Systems

//Watch out for Long-term Autonomous Robot Systems
Long-term autonomous robot systems will play an essential role in many real-world applications in the future. Robots will operate in a broad range of domains including space, marine, air, field, road, and service. They will assist us in our daily routines and perform other dangerous, dirty and dull tasks. However, enabling autonomous robots to successfully perform their tasks in complex, real-world scenarios over long periods of time poses many challenges.
To understand and address the problems and challenges of long-term, real-world scenarios, ORI is co-organising the IEEE ICRA 2018 Workshop on “Long-term autonomy and deployment of intelligent robots in the real world” [1] in Brisbane, Australia. The workshop will include presentations from leading experts in the field as well as presentations of contributed papers (Submission deadline: April 8th).
We are also involved as co-editors for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) Special Issue on “AI for Long-term Autonomy” [2] which was motivated by our earlier ICRA 2016 Workshop on this topic [3]. The Special Issue will be available later this year and accepted papers will be presented at IROS 2018 in Madrid, Spain [4].
ORI’s latest results in this area will be presented at the Artificial Intelligence @ Oxford [5] later this month.
We are looking forward to these exciting events, interesting contributions, and constructive discussions! See you there!