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Localisation answers the all important: "Where am I?" This is a fundamental requirement of mobile robots. To be useful mobile robots have to have a sense of place. Exactly how this question is framed and indeed how it is answered is an important facet of our work. We place a great ...
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The Mapping theme is all about building useful representations of workspaces. Sometimes these maps are used by our robots to localise. Sometimes the maps are themselves intrinsically valuable as surveys which contain both spatial and semantic information. Building maps over large spatial scales and updating them over large temporal scales is ...
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Perception answers the essential question of "What is around me?" Situational awareness is crucial for safe operation in real-world, dynamic environments. In this research topic we examine how to equip machines with a semantic understanding of the world, how we can reliably recognise objects of interest across vast seasonal and ...
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Much of our localisation, perception and mapping work uses multiple sensors. Sometimes we are talking about simple sets of cameras but frequently we are dealing with combinations of inertial, laser and camera sensors. These sensors are deployed across the physical vehicle and we cannot a-priori be sure of their exact ...
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Planning answers the question "How should I act?" This is an essential part of the autonomy pipeline as these algorithms govern how we interact with the world. This is quite difficult as the planning problem makes use of the outputs from localisation, mapping and perception, and imposes additional challenges such ...
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