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Dr. Maurice Fallon is a Departmental Lecturer at the University of Oxford and a Royal Society University Research Fellow. He leads the Dynamic Robot Systems Group. You will find more detailed information on the DRS website.

His research is focused on probabilistic methods for localization and mapping. He has also made research contributions to state estimation for legged robots and is interested in dynamic motion planning and control. Of particular concern is developing methods which are robust in the most challenging situations by leveraging sensor fusion.


Dr. Fallon studied Electronic Engineering at University College Dublin. His PhD research in the field of acoustic source tracking was carried out in the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge.

Immediately after his PhD he moved to MIT as a post-doc and later research scientist in the Marine Robotics Group (2008-2012). From 2012-2015 he was the perception lead of MIT’s team in the DARPA Robotics Challenge – a multi-year competition developing technologies for semi-autonomous humanoid exploration and manipulation in disaster situations. The MIT DRC team competed in several phases of the international competition, finishing 3rd, 6th and finally 7th.

From 2015, he was a Lecturer at University of Edinburgh where he led research in collaboration with NASA’s humanoid robotics program. He moved to Oxford in April 2017 and took up the Royal Society University Research Fellowship in October 2017.


Dr. Fallon’s list of publications appears on Google ScholarĀ here.
These publications have received best paper awards or nominations at ICRA (3 times), AAAI and Humanoids.